Top Ten Tips To Help Plan Your Perfect Wedding Day

Here to help you out my brides with the start of wedding season. All my brides tell me “I want a perfect wedding day” and then follows “I have to do this and this and this”. Over my past 16 years I have photographed lots of amazing weddings. With this experience I have come to known tips to HELP make your perfect wedding day. Here is my list to help you plan for your perfect wedding day on the day of!

Top Ten:

1) WHAT IS PERFECT? It’s okay if something goes wrong. It is still a normal day where things can happen that aren’t planned. Your florist can miss your road and end up in the ditch, like mine did. I noticed my flowers in my bouquet were bruised and squished. My mom, when I mentioned it to her, just said “they are fine, don’t worry”! I actually listened to my mom at that moment, even though flowers were very important to me and spent many hours choosing my flowers and working with the florist. Who left the country a month before my wedding and had someone else. My mom fixed all the flowers and honestly there was so much going on that day, it was fine, I was still so happy. Things always happen, don’t worry just do what you can and don’t stress…it’s not worth it.

2) BE HAPPY, be in love, joyful, passionate, tearful and YOU! Embrace all your emotions, don’t hide them. This is the day you marry your love, your person you want to spend the rest of your lives with. If you worry about things, then you won’t be as happy and everything that makes your perfect day. I know nerves play a part, but I find when you do all your wedding planning, engagement photos, rehearsals, lists and everything ahead of time, this is the time to enjoy it.

3) Enjoy your day! Immerse yourself in your day! Be in the moment with your parents, family and friends. Most of all your husband or wife. Relax, enjoy and have fun!!!

4) Get organized! Ahead of this day you have time to plan it all out. Everyone from your photographer to your bridesmaids to your grandparents are to be organized with help! Timelines are sooo good to have. I always help my couples out with one. Planning rides and travel maps, food, drinks, timing, and so much more should be planned out before, not on the day of. Grandparents need to be told ahead of the wedding day when and where photos are, and who can help them if needed. If it’s to rain, umbrellas need to be bought ahead of time. Bring a cooler of food and drinks to go with the photo time.

5) Be comfortable! All my couples know with me, we walk lots for taking photos. Some brides if they are 100% comfortable in high heels…then go for it! It it’s a wedding at a resort by a lake, flip flops might be a more comfortable solution when walking across a dock! If your dress has tulle, bug love it! In a country garden wedding it is like a mosquito net. That’s okay, but know the more you lift up your layers to get the bugs out the more crawl in!

6) Be nice! Okay, so that might sound obvious, BUT sometimes it happens. You snap at your mom when she is trying to help you with your veil or you snap at your bridesmaid when she is helping you down a flight of stairs or you snap at your husband because he put his arm around your waits and pulls on your veil. Yes you are a princess for the day, but be a nice princess!

7) Trust your people you have hired! Trust all your vendors…they are doing everything for you and if you have hired the right people (hopefully you did), they are passionate about making your day perfect! They can only do this if you let them do what they are amazing at. There are so many levels to their job and they are the professionals…trust them and the more you do, the more of an amazing job they can do.

8) BE ON TIME! Yeah, this isn’t for every single bride out there, but let me tell you, it is a big one. Sometimes it starts from the moment a bride gets up, because I have had some weddings where everything runs late. The hair and make-up is usually at the end when I show up and sometimes now they are running behind. I don’t know if it’s their fault, but doesn’t matter. If one thing makes you late, pick up time somewhere else. Trust me, no one likes waiting for a bride 40 mins late for a ceremony (it’s not fashionably late) or even a half hour late for dinner starting. Yes it’s your day, but if you want a tip for a perfect day, being on time is soooo good!

9) TAKE YOUR TIME! If you follow tip #8 and are on time, then you can breathe more which makes you relax more which then makes you enjoy more moments, more time and more of your wedding day! You want the day to be enjoyable and the more weddings that have time to say “hello” or eat and drink at photo time, or time to freshen up before reception really goes a long way.

10) BE IN THE MOMENT!!!! My most memorable perfect weddings over the past 16 years, are the ones where my couples are happy, relaxed and so in love!!! I will help you with all of this as your wedding is one of the most amazing days you will have!

Enjoy! Love, Heather xoxoxo

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