You have your photo session booked with me, your photographer and know you want to know what will make it a great photo session.

Top Five Tips for a Great Photo Session


1) Talk about where and what location best suits you! 

Everyone knows I love the country. Photographs in fields, woods, by water, down a country road are beautiful. They are real, not fussy and magical. They let me focus on you. Everyone is so busy now and when you are outdoors in a natural setting, it is very calm and relaxing. Or at your home where you have an environment that is really personal. It’s fun talking about where you would like your photos, but a big part is the light. Once we have a great location then you will have a beautiful background for your photos.


2) Make sure you have food in your belly, water and well rested.

When picking a time for photos it is good to make sure it accommodates your eating schedule, or you have had snacks so you aren’t hungry. Whether it’s little ones to adults, I know myself I’m not the same person if I am hungry! Especially when it is warm out, you will want to make sure you are hydrated!!! Also, well rested so you have the energy and all the comes with not being too tired. We are more patient, more fun and happy, so plan on good night’s sleep the night before.



3) Plan your clothing.

Yes, there were the day’s when that meant white tops and jeans…not now though! Colours look awesome when everyone is wearing bit and pieces of certain colours. Textures and accessories work really well…scarves, boots, layers, jewellery…have fun!!! You can go to my Pinterest board for ideas too…. . Plan for it and it will look great!



4) Hair, Make-up…clean faces too!

Honestly, a little more make-up does look best, as it shows up that much more. In the camera it defines and brings out your features, which we want to see! It adds dimension and beauty! If you just woke up and went out the door without doing your hair then that’s what it will look like. I do have a personal favourite family portrait on the wall, and I was on a trip in Nova Scotia and my hair was not done at all!!!! It’s windswept and all! It’s very candid and natural, so if that’s your look…go for it! Kids with clean faces are always good!!!



5) Relax, Enjoy and Have Fun!!!

The most important of all. Busy lives leave us all running around hectic. This is why you are having these photos done. Relax, Enjoy and Have Fun with your loved ones…you will never get these moments and days back.

There you have my top five secrets for great photo session tips!