Walk around Orono, Ontario

Have you ever been in a wedding party and not known the groomsmen? Or have you ever thought…he’s cute and no date…hmmm, let’s see what happens tonight? As a photographer, I do sometimes wonder if a bridesmaid and groomsmen would hitch up!
These two did! She was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsmen for their friends wedding. After photos, chatting and walking in the park, he loved her laugh and she thought he was a ‘funny guy”. So, by the end of the night, they didn’t want their conversation end, and they exchanged contact info! The rest is history!
Rita found me through someone she knew who’s wedding I photographed. She was Armenian and since Rita is, she felt that connection. It was one of the most fun weddings I have ever been too!
Aris proposed on an evening after their favourite dinner place and a walk around Unionville. At the same gazebo they share their first kiss, he got down on one knee and said ‘Baby will you marry me?”

They love Unionville and charm of it so since loved my barn out here in Tyrone and wanted photos out by it for their engagement photos, we also ventured out to a charming village in Orono.

Honestly, I hoped they wouldn’t find it too quaint, as it’s not Unionville. I thought Orono is quiet and perfect for their own intimate photos. Lots of places to take photos and have fun! Rita and Aris came dressed so fancy and I loved it, but worried Orono wasn’t fancy enough for them. If they chose me, then Orono would be good. YES….they loved it!!!!

These two are an amazing, sweet couple and will be very exciting to photograph their wedding day story coming up this wedding season for their lively Armenian Wedding!!!!

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