A Mayan Riviera Mexico beach wedding has been on my list of places to photograph a wedding for a long time!!!! Destination weddings are everything rolled into one; travel, excitement, fun and love!  Very excited, when a bride contacts me after a few months (first asked where tiffany blue bridesmaids dress from an Instagram wedding post I had were from). She said we want you to come to Mexico for our wedding as our photographer!

When I met Amanda and Jonas, I knew right away she loved to plan and get everything perfect while he was the strong and silent type.  They had been to the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum before and knew they wanted to come back. So they did…along with 30 of their closest friends and family they were married.

On top of a sandbank a little above the ocean they said their “I do’s”.  Here as the palms swayed and leaves danced to the ocean breeze, Amanda walked arm in arm with mom and dad through the greenery to meet her patient, Jonas. With the shades of blues of the water meeting the sky, and the white tips of the waves rolling in, tones of pinks, with sand between their toes, they say their vows, exchange rings and share their first kiss. Always so romantic yet at other weddings, it is formal….not this wedding, not here! Claps, cheers, and whistles lead them down their aisle.

Of course, everyone is so happy, relaxed and having the time of their lives! Congratulating the newlyweds with champagne toasts and a mariachi band, the party has begun!

With an 180 degree view of absolute amazing scenery at their Mayan Riviera Mexico beach wedding, the light, and this beach make my heart sing! Amanda and Jonas walked hand in hand along the water and on the beach. Kisses, laughing and enjoying every second! It really is the most romantic…destination Mayan Riviera beach weddings are amazing!

Amanda and Jonas had lots and lots of fun as their night was full of heartfelt speeches shared by all! The dancing, conga line, and music pounding amidst salty ocean evening breeze with palm trees swaying in the lights. As I left the party, hearing the laughter, cheering, music and buzz of the wedding…it reminded me so much of what weddings to me are about!

This Mayan Riviera beach wedding was absolutely perfect!!!

Beauty, Life and most importantly LOVE!

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