Kristin and Todd, Downtown Abby Nestleton Waters Inn Wedding

Many girls grow up dreaming or thinking what one day will be there wedding day! I remember watching Cinderella as a little girl and was my first movie at the movies. I still remember the beautiful story and romance on the screen. Even though we like to help our girls understand that life isn’t always a fairy tale and full of Prince Charmings, I do want my daughter to dream and whenever that day may come, I want her to be so happy and be treated like a gift by her chosen Prince Charming on that day and forever more.

I believe Kristin and Todd’s wedding was a fairy tale wedding. I’m sure it was the wedding of their dreams as it was pure magical.

With the romantic details brought to life by Nestleton Waters Inn and Bella Donnas of pink roses, amber glowing votives, gold chairs, flower adorned frames, iced delicate flower cupcakes, full white hydrangeas, baby breath girl’s flower hair rings, pretty napkin rings, sage green bridesmaids and pick flower girl dresses, pastel coloured hankerchiefs, stunning wedding gown, top hats, tails and canes for the men, horse and carriage, Murder Mystery, outdoor garden ceremony and the magical Nestleton Waters Inn….all made this wedding so special.

Of course, Kristin and Todd are the sweetest couple ever along with their adorable little girls, family and friends, their day was full of laughter, tears, smiles, kisses, love, passion and memories to last them a lifetime.

I can’t express enough how much this wedding meant to me as photographing their day was all about grabbing those moments and keeping them alive for eternity!

Thank you Kristin and Todd for having me a part of your special day! Love, Heather xo

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