Engagement Photo Sessions

Are you getting married this year? Perhaps you are planning your engagement session! The idea is lots of fun, which is awesome when all your other wedding planning can be sometimes stressful!

Here are some ideas if you would like. I have photographed so many that I’m pretty sure I can give you some advice. Hopefully your photographer and perhaps it’s me, will absolutely help you and be there for any guidance you need.

I’m learning though that I want to guide my bride and grooms along the way. I’m the experienced one, you getting married, could be your first, so photos on Pinterest and Instagram are your guide. They are pretty to look at, BUT I want you, all of you, the REAL you, two absolutely in love people. No one else out there is YOU, so my task or ability is to document YOU.

So, let’s talk about what the engagement planning can help do, to make your photo session UNIQUELY you and fall in love with your photos over and over.

~ Location for your photos –  pick one central spot (sometimes 2) and from there you can do a couple places. Of course as a photographer I love great lighting (usually 1.5 hrs. before sunset), somewhere fun and interesting, where you are comfortable. Having a place you can go for a walk is awesome and I stop along the way to get great and different photos. OR if you want two totally different locations, then one spot in each is good. This way you get comfortable and can do different things in an area.
Bloomfield gardens engagement session

~ Be on Time – I know this sounds pretty common sense, but it doesn’t always happen. For my brides and grooms this is very important because I am a natural light photographer and it’s crucial to use the light available for the look we want. It always keeps you relaxed and happy. Plus, more time + more love = more awesome photos!!!IMG_0725

~ Outfit Changes – Yes, we all love them! You and I both love something more dressy and pretty. This is because it’s fun to get dressed up and be a little more fancy because it makes you feel beautiful inside and out! NOW having said that, if that is not your style, I totally get it and that’s perfectly fine! Then something more casual. The point is that the outfits have been planned, thought out and even though they are to be YOU, YOUR STYLE, it’s also the time to think about it, so you are truely happy with how it looks and then how it makes you feel when you are photographed in it. Wow…long sentence! Heels are cute too! Bring flip flops too though and bug spray if you are anywhere where there are trees or water in the evenings May-July!

~ Hair and Make-up – It’s a perfect idea to do your trial for make-up or have your hair done that day. It’s so nice! Great hair is always a good idea and good excuse to be pampered! I know I feel so much more confident and ready when my hair is done by my hairdresser. Every girl that has hers done is always that more confident.

~ Be ready to have fun, confident and in love! – It’s my duty to help you prep for this engagement photography session and I will with even more tips. I just don’t want to over do it here, but saving a very important one for the last today. I want you to feel really good, nothing at all to worry about it. You and your fiance having taking this time out of your busy schedules to have really great, fun and natural photos done. With these tips and help from me, I want you to feel beautiful, to be YOU and in love….of course in the moment….wonderful engagement sesssion = amazing wedding times!!!

Love, Heather