This isn’t my first Deer Creek wedding and have photographed many beautiful weddings here over the past years. My last one here was in May for Dominika and Mike’s. Adriana and Steve’s wedding was my first in April one. Usually, I am here in the summer or fall months with the gorgeous grounds, but April was pretty and the couple braved the cold temperatures for their wedding photos. It was my first wedding with a bride as ecstatic as Adriana! She was squealing with excitement! Jumping up and down during her vows! Clapping her hands as the joy was bursting out of her! It was so refreshing and made all of us grin wide, but I don’t think no one could ever match her smile from ear to ear. Even though my cheeks were a little sore at the end of the day from smiling and laughing the entire time too. Every minute was full of joy, laughter, and love! Adriana and Steve together are so perfectly perfect together as well as their wedding day!

This bride and groom did not disappoint with details. From the groomsmen gifts to the groom’s special gifts…cute personal details and tokens of love.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0089.jpg

Toasts and shots to be had….of course it’s such a ritual with the groom and groomsmen.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0090.jpg

Having a good time with the groom and groomsmen is always a good way to start the day!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0132.jpg

The groomsmen decided to pick up the groom to show off his shoes…well what was on the bottom of his.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0091.jpg

This wedding party already is pretty awesome…right in there lending a hand to the groom getting married. What a great group!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0136.jpg

Groom finishing up with his tie…being patient and calm…good attributes!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0092.jpg

What do you give your groomsmen for thank you gifts? Well, a painting that has them turned into a superhero of course!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0133.jpg

These groomsmen loved their gifts! Pretty cool I thought! So much thought went into it!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0134.jpg

Then onto one of my most favourite parts of a wedding…with the bride, bridesmaids, and parents. My bride chose to get ready at Deer Creek, but she still had lots to have fun with at her parent’s home. Personalized bridesmaids gift with totes, Starbuck’s mugs, robes and more! Such a special way to say “thank you”!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0093.jpg

Details of wedding rings and engagement rings are always pretty to have.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0094.jpg

Oh, my…how cute are these two flower girls? They are relaxing and hanging out…oh just with a flower crown on and pretty dresses…still being girls!!!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0095.jpg

Here are the Starbuck’s personalized cups…awesome bridesmaids gifts!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0096.jpg

Don’t the dresses look so calm and ready for the big day! Pretty shades of pink for the bridesmaid and a gorgeous gown for the bride.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0097.jpg

When all the bridesmaid are together it’s usually a little chaotic…it’s what a wedding is all about…being in the moment and having fun!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0098.jpg

My bride loves to pose and with her two precious flower girls. NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0099.jpg

The colours and looseness of the bride’s flower bouquet are very elegant. Pretty and dainty baby’s breath for bridesmaids bouquets.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0100.jpg

A father’s love….speechless.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0139.jpg

Bride’s mom getting the finishing touches of makeup done.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0149.jpg

Seeing the love around with hugs and kisses exchanged between mother and daughter are what I love to capture. My bride does not leave any detail out…letting us know where the bridesmaids met her.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0101.jpg


The wedding day is full of excitement and lots happening before rushing off to the ceremony at Deer Creek.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0102.jpg

Leaving the house and off to get her dress on and get married!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0103.jpg

Oh, this is starting to show the smiles, the excitement of this bride’s wedding day fun!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0104.jpg

Deer Creek is an elegant entry way for a wedding. Love the little seed pods for a wedding favor.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0155.jpg

This bride is so excited and marries the man of her dreams!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0156.jpg


Last kisses from the bride’s mom. Flower girls are ready!

Grooms standing at the front watching their wife to be, walk down arm in arm with their dad, is so emotional. They try and hold it together, I love it when they can’t always keep the tears in!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0110.jpg

The bride is bursting with joy before their ‘I do’s’!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0113.jpg

The decor touches added a soft touch for the inside for the wedding ceremony at Deer Creek. The candles and branches added grace and elegance.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0114.jpg

The large windows at Deer Creek allow the light to fall in and you can see the outside, even when it’s cold you have a pretty view.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0115.jpg


Handing a rose to the parents of the bride’s mom and groom’s mom is very sweet.

The bride is squealing here too! NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0169.jpg


Walking down the aisle seeing everyone and full wedding excitement.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0171.jpg


A wedding day is full of moments. These moments with the laughter, congrats, hugs and kisses, talking, is all a part of it! Enjoy this time. I love photographing every minute that is going on. You will miss these as your day goes by in a blur, but when you can look back at your photos and see it all…it’s amazing!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0119.jpg









Lots of pretty details, from the travelled places as table markers, sparkler send off, yummy cupcakes, votives, wine name cards…all personal touches to make it special for this bride and groom and their wedding guests.


Kisses for grandpa and Groom’s dad striking a pose with his new daughter-in-law.

It was cold on this April wedding day, but the sun is shining bright and we went outside for photos amongst the grounds at Deer Creek.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0186.jpg

These flower girls are not posing. They adored her!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0187.jpg

What a great wedding party. Having fun with lots of laughs!NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0188.jpg

I usually finish up with the wedding party after half hour of photos so they can go and join the party. This wedding party were great and could have kept taking more photos, but time for the bride and groom photos.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0194.jpg

Lots of kisses to keep warm for my bride and groom bathed in sunlight.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0195.jpg
NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0202.jpgIn amongst some tall grasses with the bright sun shining and beautiful while the bride and groom enjoy their moments together. This is important to be yourselves with your photographer because you want them to capture who you truley are.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0203.jpg

Reception time for this bride and groom as they are ready for their reception and join in with all their wedding guests.NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0206.jpg


The trend of having a first dance right when a bride and groom enter is a really good idea. Everyone is sitting and ready for their entrance and instead of going and sitting down at the table, having your First Dance is romantic and sets the mood. NestletonWatersInn-wedding_0213.jpg


A wonderful Deer Creek wedding day for this loving and fun bride and groom. Their wedding was full of smiles, laughter and love and their lives together will be too! Much love and thank you for having me be a part of it! Heather xo