They met while on holiday in the Dominican. What they thought then was that they wouldn’t see each other ever again…boy were they wrong! What they didn’t know at the time, was that they had fallen in love and one day they would be getting married!

That day was May 30, 2015 at the elegant Deer Creek Golf in Ajax, Ontario. and after they jetted off to their honeymoon at Sandals in Jamaica…ahhhh!!!

On this rainy day it was time for them to enjoy their wedding celebration. It was planned for an outdoor patio ceremony, but the weather gods, chose otherwise as it stormed away. Dom and Mike’s indoor ceremony was elegant never the less.

Dominika was stunningly beautiful and Mike couldn’t take his eyes off her as she walked down the aisle arm in arm with her dad. Among family and friends they said their vows to one another so adoringly and so romantic.

Dom and Mike it has been such an honor to photograph your love for one another as you are such a genuine and sweet couple…gorgeous too!!! Your fun ways with each other and how you make each other so happy, I’m so glad you found one another and had me photograph your wedding. You had your pick of photographers being Mike’s family relations own Today’s Bride and I’m honored you chose me!

Much love and appreciation…Heather xo

Here is a slideshow. Photos and music I love, so put them together and here you go!

Dominika + Mike_0036.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0037.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0038.jpg
Dominika + 
Dominika + Mike_0040.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0041.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0042.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0043.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0044.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0045.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0046.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0047.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0048.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0049.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0050.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0051.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0052.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0053.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0054.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0055.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0056.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0057.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0058.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0059.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0060.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0061.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0062.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0063.jpg
Dominika + Mike_0064.jpg

The day was a wonderful wedding to be a part of. Here are some of their wonderful vendors:
Wedding Venue: Deer Creek Golf and Banquet Facility
Co-ordinator: Lauren Russell at Deer Creek
Florist: Gotcha Covered
Cake: Cakeity Cakes
DJ: DJ Brian Cox