Armenian Wedding

They met at work…Salpy was a receptionist and Dom was the newly hired sales guy…one look at one another and instant chemistry!!!
She couldn’t believe it, Dom was THE type she had been looking for and found him! He took a look at her and thought “Wow”!
She loves how he cares about everything she does and how he is so full of motivation! Dom just adores Salpy…the way he looks at her and takes her hand…he is totally in love with the beautiful woman she is inside and out!!!
Dom said “I love you” on Christmas morning, and proposed to Salpy on Christmas morning a few years later, which led to their summer wedding day that was absolutely perfect! I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time. With their many family members and friends, they laughed, cried, danced, kissed, and drank all day and all night long!

They wished they could do it all over again! I know they could again in another 50 years because they are just that couple I know will be perfect for one another forever.
We went to the University of Toronto for their wedding photography and then off to Paradise Banquet Hall for their extravagant reception!

 Armenian Wedding

Salpy is Armenian and I fell in love with them…they are full of smiles, and laughter which had her enjoying every moment and having the time of her life! This is was my first Armenian wedding, but have another this summer and can not wait! Dom is Polish and I know they have fun, and they didn’t disappoint!

It was such an honor to witness all their wedding day stories. All their love, laughter, and joy….perfect wedding day!!!! Why I love what I do…photographing weddings! The Armenians and Polish know how to have a great time!!!! LOVED IT!!!!

Love, Heather

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