South Pond FarmCassie + Jordan

South Pond Farm

YEAH, I blogged this beautiful country wedding at South Pond Farm!!! This is finally my first of many for 2018!!! Well, suppose to be the first of many, way back starting in Jan., but you know, life gets in the way!

Of course, life after Christmas, work slows down and the time in Jan. is full of dreams sitting at my computer sorting, picking and blogging my wonderful 2017 weddings didn’t happen. We were off to Costa Rica and prepping for that I had my first time being MOH! YEAH!!!! MOH at 43 in a hot pink bridesmaid dress!!! It was crazy…crazy fun and as my two teenage kids went and hubby too, we had the most amazing week! Will post the wedding here on a blog, but check out the slideshow on my facebook to see some if you can’t wait.  Being the photographer I was the crazy photographer lady squatting, taking pics in short hot pink bridesmaid dress on the beach even more interesting! For the upcoming weddings, I learned some and will respect my MOH’s more now that I have been one!

To make sure this blog isn’t too long, I will quickly write what else has gone on in last two months. End of Jan. had ear surgery to replace ear drum…now I can hear everyone more clear at wedding receptions!  Then the unimaginable happened. My healthy, strong dad, within 24 hours had a brain hemorrhage and went to heaven. So very unexpected and suddenly, he was gone and life changed for my mom, sisters, me and family. I have been helping out with my mom and so blog posts haven’t happened. Updating my website and share my photos so badly hasn’t happened as planned. You see I LOVE what I do! I love being there on your day, one of the most important days of your lives. Moments you spend with the people you love most and celebrate it all: Life, Love, and Joy!!! I love doing this for couples that share the same sentiments. Oh, let me tell you this year will be different.  This year I have learned life can change in an instant and photos are such a treasure to have.  I can not wait to be there, to photograph your moments, your loved ones!!!

Not all sadness here, as a trip to Italy in a couple weeks for my daughter’s hockey, and a puppy on return. 2018 is shaping up to be quite a year!  Let’s start it off here with the wedding of Cassie + Jordan, South Pond Farm. Their love for not just one another but for God is so strong, they will get through everything life will throw their way. A wedding with hotter than hot temps, family, and friends in abundance, parent dances with not a dry eye was to be seen, lacrosse player bride but yet you wouldn’t know it, beautiful Christians, and really really sweet couple that I adored being a part of their wedding day!!!!

Wedding couple at South Pond Farms

Barn Wedding at South Pond Farms