Nestleton Waters Inn WeddingMichelle + Joey


A Nestleton Waters Inn wedding is always beautiful and amazing! This wedding of Michelle and Joey’s was no exception. Writing this blog post on March 2, a winter day isn’t of course like the day of this spring wedding!To say this couple has “fun” is an understatement!!!

Describing this wedding in one word…fun!!!

I hadn’t talked with them ahead of time like I normally do with my brides and grooms. So when I asked them “What do you want your photos to be about? What do you want your photos to make you feel?”  Unanimously I heard over their vehicle blue tooth speaker as they were driving home from their rehearsal, the night before their wedding “FUN”!!! I have to admit I was a little nervous as they really did sound fun speaking to them and I really wanted to give that to them. You see, as a person and photographer, I do love to have fun. I’m just not the one to get all crazy when taking photos and suggest crazy things. I love to watch, listen and photograph moments that tell a story and direct naturally. So, I said, “okay then you guys bring on the fun! If you want fun, you must be fun. If you are, then I’m there to capture this 500%!” They did!!!! They brought it on!!! They were amazing and so much fun!!!!

Michelle’s laugh was the biggest laugh and full of life…it burst out of her…that couldn’t help but make you laugh. Care-free and free-spirited they both were!!!

Joey was a national trampoline coach. I remember him when we first briefly met at Nestleton Waters Inn wedding Open House, he asked me if I would take photos of them on the trampoline. Of course, we did!!! I had to stand still to get them jumping, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Michelle was jumping with her dress with her huge laugh and Joey flipping around. Yes, he flipped right into me! I love this energy, joy, and fun on a wedding day….FULL OF LIFE!!!

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. With them entering the tent at the start of their reception, they had everyone join in on a crowd dance. With a fun, reggae first dance it led to such an upbeat party.

Then after dinner, Joey sings and plays guitar to his song written for Michelle…so romantic and cool!!!

Wait…what did they? They, of course, had an Ice-cream truck come to the Nestleton Waters Inn. On a very hot and humid Spring evening, ice cream was served.

Absolute fun and joy at their wedding! I laughed, smiled and photographed these two on their amazing wedding day! Loving every minute of it and was honored to be a part of it all. The amazing Nestleton Waters Inn wedding never ceases to impress me…it is a story book of a place!

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Venue: Nestleton Waters Inn //Wedding Planner: Claudia from Nestleton Waters Inn Decor: Nestleton Waters Inn // Flowers: Bella Donnas  Hair/Makeup: Monte Carlo Salon //  Bridal gown Designer: Maggie Sottero // Jewellery/ Shoes: Portugal // Wedding Gown/Bridesmaid: Sophie’s Gown Shoppe // Caterer: The Table // DJ: David from Best Music Services // Videographer: Aia Photography //Officiant: Peter Walters // Bride’s Ring: Spence Diamonds