Montana & LucasDurham Region Engagement Session

Durham Region Engagement Session

He saw her first at High School in Grade 9 and thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. As boys can be shy, it wasn’t until Grade 11 Lucas was able to strike up a conversation with Montana. It didn’t hurt that Montana couldn’t keep her eyes off of him now. They had math class together and hit if off. They were able to laugh, talk and be themselves around one another.

Lucas invited her to his little brother’s graduation and she agreed, where she met his wonderful family. They stayed up with everyone in the backyard around a fire, the spark had been lit! (ha ha)

After falling in love, they realized how much they love and care for one another and couldn’t imagine not spending the rest of their lives together, growing older with another, being there for each other and going through life’s crazy adventure together and with their family and God.

In Autumn, they will be getting married at their church before heading to their wedding reception, near to her hometown in Port Perry at Royal Ashburn Golf Club. We met at Enniskillen Conservation Area, for their Durham Region Engagement session and spent the afternoon walking around enjoying themselves and being in love…too cute!

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